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Offering education, support, and presence to you before, during, and after pregnancy and birth!

Hand on Bump

Marathon Birth Training - In person or virtual birth classes!


With You Each Step of the Way


Capturing the precious details of your newborn baby!

Helping you find wholeness and health as you pursue your goals!


Forms of Payment and Financial Assistance

I accept PayPal, Cashapp, Zelle, Venmo, cash or check. I have a square account and credit card reader and can also accept HSA payments for my services.

I offer a sliding scale based on yearly income for clients who qualify as well as payment plans regardless of financial need. I have qualified for my National Provider Identification Number which means you can now request your insurance company to cover my services*. Contact me to learn how! 

*Thus far, we have had very little success in getting insurance companies to cover services even when they claim they do. If you should choose to go this route, please realize it's not a guaranteed financial reimbursement plan. 

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