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My Process

Empowering You for Your Best Birth

As an experienced childbirth worker, I understand that birth influences far more than a woman's physical body. The birth that you experience today will effect your mind, your body, your emotions, and your spirit for the rest of your life. Birth can be such a holistically empowering process, but you have to have the tools available to prepare appropriately.


Just as a runner would not simply condition their bodies, but would mentally and emotionally prepare for the race as well, mothers should also be given the resources to do the same. This is where I step in.

After the initial client interview, I take into consideration your goals and vision for your birth, your physical and emotional needs, and your support person's capabilities and create a custom birthing care plan exclusively for you!

With my experience as a registered nurse, mental health and life coach, doula, childbirth educator and my own labor experiences, I am able to help you learn what to expect in the labor process and how to train your mind and emotions to work with the intensity of labor. The mind is a powerful tool in creating our concept of pain and empowering our ability to cope. 

You can either take control of the pain or allow the pain to take control of you. This takes careful preparation and collection of the appropriate tools to get out of the way of your body and allow your womb to do the job it was always created to do!

I will lead you through the steps you need to take to prepare you mind, your body, and your emotions for the process of birth. As a certified Mental Health Life Coach, I also focus heavily on mental health as you prepare for your birth experience!


Do you have a support person? I can teach them how to support you in an optimal way in order to achieve your goals!

With a whole-person focus, I also offer Mental Health and Life Coaching sessions. It is necessary both as you prepare for birth and new motherhood to come to a deeper self-awareness of narratives, griefs, or fears that may cause hang ups, hurdles, and challenges as you birth your babe and transition into motherhood. Coaching sessions are included with my doula services and can also be purchased a la carte' for those not pregnant or after you've had your babe. 

I work a partnership model for in-person birth support. My sister doulas and I share an on-call schedule to guarantee you a fresh in-person doula at the time of your birth. We collaborate routinely and commit to common values and client care so that we provide continuity and customized support for each of our clients. Come to one of our regular "Meet the Doula" events to get to know our other doulas. We are here to support you! We believe in you!

Mama, you are a powerful force to be reckoned with! You can experience the birth of your dreams! 

Contact me to set up an initial client interview. 

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