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Words from My Clients

We decided to use a doula after a traumatic birth experience with our first child. We were determined to have a different experience, and Hannah was a big part of making that happen. During her home visits, she was genuinely interested in getting to know our family (our toddler instantly loved her!) and helping us achieve our goal. When my water broke but not much progress was being made, she was full of calm and encouragement for me, and I trusted her advice. When I did take her advice, things picked up right away. When I called her to come at 11PM, she beat the rest of the birth team and never left my side until I was resting in bed with our new baby. She held me when I was exhausted, cheered me on when I needed encourement, and kept me from getting tied up in my own thoughts and worries. She is doing what she was made to do, and my husband and I highly recommend her. We plan to use her again for any future babies. 

Thank you Hannah!


Hannah was our Doula for our first child, our daughter, born at the end of October. When we first met Hannah for the initial interview my husband and I weren’t even sure we even wanted a Doula, but after that meeting we knew we needed Hannah as part of our team for our birth.

We decided on a home birth and Hannah helped us create a birth plan specific to our desires. Her suggestions were always on par with mine and my husband’s needs. She was available to us night or day for questions or concerns and went above and beyond our expectations of a Doula.

On game day, when our perfectly laid out plan started taking its own path, Hannah was there every step of the way. She kept things calm when labor got tough and when our home birth turned into an unexpected hospital birth she stood by us. She was a voice to the hospital staff and nurses when we needed it. Her opinions and education was invaluable to us at a time when my husband and I didn’t know what to do.

Hannah serving as our Doula was the best decision we could have made for our birth. Especially after things became quite tricky. I don’t know what I would have done without her, and my husband agrees. After 48 hours of labor, we ended up having a c-section - definitely not part of the plan, but Hannah was there the entire time offering encouragement, support and prayer.

I HIGHLY recommend Hannah as a doula, she’s the best in the business. Whether your birth plan goes accordingly or life takes its own turn, Hannah is definitely someone you want by your side.


Wow -- where to begin? Hannah has been a Godsend for me the past few months. I recently relocated to the Midwest from the West Coast and didn't have any family or friend support during my first pregnancy. As a doula myself, I understood the importance of setting yourself up for success so I began looking and pretty quickly came across Hannah's website. After meeting her, I didn't want to interview any other doulas as I immediately felt comfortable and confident in Hannah's abilities. She is kind, funny, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. She lives and breathes birth work and you can see her passion in it. Her and her husband taught awesome birth classes and she was readily available to answer any questions I had throughout my pregnancy and especially during the birth of my daughter. She had a great package that included a newborn photo session which I'm so glad I got as she (not surprisingly) was great at that as well! Hannah is the exact type of doula you want and I couldn't recommend her enough!


Hannah Norton is an excellent choice for a doula. She ministered to myself and my husband during all four of my full- term pregnancies and was present at 3 of the four births. The last guy decided to make his appearance so fast, she couldn't make it in time. Her understanding of the medical side of labor and delivery as a nurse, her personal experience and research of the natural side of birthing and her calm, reassuring spirit weave together to create a birthing partner fully on your side and ready to serve the expectant mom and her partner. I truly value her insight, reminders and company during labor and delivery so much that her words were playing in my head, even when she couldn't be there. Between birth experiences,  she brainstormed with me about what worked and what I could have done differently to help me feel more at ease, or for the process to go more smoothly. And when the kinks arise in your plan, her calm, reassuring manner definitely helps as you work with her to adjust the plan to fit the new circumstances. I highly recommend Hannah as a doula for anyone wanting an extra set of hands, eyes, or needing an advocate during your birthing process.


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